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So often, as a performer you are pulled away from you real passion because you have

 to make money in order to survive. 

Why is it that you have not committed to a LIFE as a PERFORMING ARTIST?

In Prepared Performer Profits a 6 week online course made up of videos, worksheets and live group lessons, you will build or grow a business that will allow you to make more money doing what you love while making a difference in the lives of others. 

AND you'll still have enough time to continue to build your career as a performer! 

Whether you focus on building a business based in performing, coaching, or one of the

 hundreds of other options that are literally at your fingertips, 

Prepared Performer Profits will help you to build a life in the arts 

doing what you love. 

I know how hard it seems to build a steady career using your performing arts skills, and doing what you love. I know that, because I’ve been there. 

I so clearly remember sitting at my kitchen table 3 years ago, planning my launch of The Prepared Performer. I was, as Sondheim would say, “excited AND scared.” Actually terrified. 

At the time, I didn’t realize how pivotal that moment was, but looking back I’m so glad that I was brave enough to make the difficult choice that I made because my life did a complete 180. 

Since, committing to living a LIFE in the arts by launching my own coaching business, The Prepared Performer, I am now living life on my terms, running my own show. I set my own schedule, work with who I want and I’m so much better at saying no to opportunities that might pay the bills, but aren’t in-line with my life and career goals. 

Sometimes I sit here in disbelief, I never imagined that I would be able to walk into a room confidently knowing that I am much more than a Starving Artist.

Taking this course was the kick in the pants I needed to take my business to the next level. I have a voice and acting coaching business, and have recently and suddenly been fortunate enough to expand! 

Molly's course broke everything down into easy, manageable steps accompanied by great tips, resources, and pointers.

 It was hugely motivating and empowering... Because of her guidance, I feel more powerful and in control than ever, and working through my to-do list brings me joy and confidence instead of panic. 

Also, having access to the "mind hive" of others enrolled in the course was AWESOME! Working with Molly has been a HUGE GIFT and I'm so grateful for her and this program.

Prepared Performer Profits Graduate

 - Michelle Hernandez www.OCProVoice.com 

In the 6 week Prepared Performer Profits program you will learn how to take advantage the talents you already posess and enjoy your own profitable coaching business so that you have more time and more money to do what you love while making a differnce in the lives of those around you.

As soon as you enroll, you get access to our pre-show lesson and The Green Room, our Private Facebook Group. The first of our our 6 coaching modules, which we call Acts, will begin on June 5th.  

Each Act includes 3 very specific lessons and you can read below to see how these lessons will give you everything you need to start or grow your own thriving performing arts based business.  


What unique goodness do you have to bring to the table, what can you offer based on that goodness, and how will you commit to building a buiness that will support your life in the arts.


Who will you serve? Determining a hungry audience is huge in building your own busienss! Who are they, how will you connect with them, communicate with them and schedule them into your busy life? And, you'll learn how you will set boundaries so you are still able to live life on your terms.  


How do you do what you do? In this module you'll develop your own method, standardize your systems and techniques so that they are repeatable and help to reinforce your brand. You'd develop and solidify your offers, and you'll learn how to hold your clients and customers accountable. 


Where does your business live? You'll determine where your services will be offered, what materials you'll be providing, and package everything into a clear brand recognizable brand that your customers will love.


And... that tricky bugger - the MONEY! You'll work through that starving artist syndrome, learn how to manage your finances once the money starts rolling in. AND, you'll feel great about what you are charging. 


Speak up and Stand Out! Let the world know about the goodness you have to offer. You'll dive into optimizing your website, social media and wait for it... REAL LIFE! We'll cover everything from online marketing to networking so that you can bring in your BEST clients. 

And... as a special bonus, you'll get lifetime access to this program and each update along the way!

"I am an actress...too often I find myself reaching for the next thing to do in my career to get a little further in my pursuit of success. I knew I had really great ideas and thoughts, but never took the time to write them out or back them up with a plan. That is until I took Molly Mahoney's coaching course “Prepared Performer Profits...” If you are looking for the right tools and structure to get your ideas and thoughts out of your head and into a sold outline you can profit from, this is the course for you! Molly is a master at cheering you on, giving you connections, examples, homework, and pep talks. With the help of this course... I'm in the process of building and launching my own business- a gym for actors. Cheers to Molly on a great coaching course!!!"

- Montaja Sims



Great, I get that! I want you to perform too. Waiting tables and temping is going to do nothing but get in your way. Turning down auditions or meetings with industry professionals because you need to work your side job in order to make money to eat is not going to help you either. Running your own business that actually helps you to thrive creatively, make money, and free up your valuable time? THAT will set you in the right direction.

"Prepared Performer Profits is an inspiring and thorough class. Molly is an enthusiastic, well-prepared and creative instructor, who brings a sense of joy and purpose to her lessons. The course is well-structured and focused—I learned a lot of new and exciting things that I am already implementing in my business.” 

-Andrew Byrne, Broadway vocal instructor www.AndrewMByrne.com


We believe so strongly in the power of this course, we are willing to offer you a 100% money back guarantee. If you submit the homework and do not see growth in your business and more time in your life, we'll give you all of your investment back! (*Request must be made in writing within 30 days of purchase and homework up to this point must be completed.)

A Word From Molly

“I love performers. I REALLY LOVE helping them to find the freedom AND security that can be created by building their own businesses. I can't wait to help you develop an idea and the skills to run your own business so you can pursue your dreams and make them a reality.”

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